Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go Go Gadget Gourmet

"I'd love to make this, but it seems way too complicated."

"I'm never going to buy those ingredients."

"I'll tell you what I like to do with lamb."

"Did you see the Celtics/Bulls game tonight?!?!?!!?"

Okay, so you got me, that last one is me. Seriously, how crazy has this series been? The NBA Finals are going to suck. (Please prove me wrong!!!)

In my never-ending aim to please, I take all of these comments to heart and wonder how I can tailor things to make GnC more accessible. So I stew on them for a bit and 'shocker,' I'm confused. I'm not sure which way to go with these comments.

I could post easy two ingredient recipes:

Bean Dip.

1 big ass can of Rosarita Beans
1 small jar of Medium Pace Picante Sauce

Open, open, mix, and serve.

My cousin kindly reminded me of this recipe not so long ago. Thanks a lot Mrs. bologna, salt, and lemon juice. I used to make this along with the first thing my wife taught me how to make, which subs cream cheese for refried beans.

Go figure, she's Jewish Bean Dip.

1 tub of Cream Cheese
1 small jar of Medium Pace Picante Sauce

Open, open, mix, microwave for a minute (Sara?) and serve.

I still have a couple inches around my waist to prove how tasty this dip really is.

Would I make this now? No, but you should.

Know where you're coming from. Where I'm coming from I'd buy some poblano peppers, roast them on the stove-top, bag 'em, peel 'em, and puree them. I'd zest a lime, finely chop some cilantro, caramelize a couple shallots, and add all of this and a little fresh garlic and salt to creme fraiche. Maybe throw it on top of some pasta and grilled shrimp or poached salmon?

That's what I'd make right now. Tomorrow, might be roasted bell peppers and goat cheese with fresh thyme, red pepper chili flakes and cracked black pepper.

My wife's biggest complaint is that I never make the same thing twice. This can only spell disaster if I open my little cafe.

btw Sandra Lee just popped up on my TV saying she's the "Colonel's Girl..." Does anyone else have a problem with KFC's new Grilled Chicken? Or do you just feel like Ms. Lee is Mrs. Robinson times 10.6875?

I'm back, sorry. As far as new ingredients go, think of it this way, you're not still breast fed are you?

Well, are you?

Gavin, put your hand down.


I'm constantly calling my mom, asking her if my entries are too long, blah blah blah. Her response is always, it's your blog. If people wanna scan, they're gonna scan. If they wanna sit and read the whole thing they can sit and read your entire blog. She pauses here. I know that she has a list of grammar mistakes, she knows I'll throw "style" back at her, and I know she'll always wait for me to ask about 'em.

Then there's the comment of here's what you really should do.

To which I reply, POST THAT IN THE COMMENTS!!!!


It won't make me rethink this over and over and over on my drive in to work and overshoot my exit by two cities.

Then again...

You will find a little bit of everything in here. I promise to put in some simpler stuff that I love. My food won't always require a latest and greatest gadget or smoked, fair trade, and shade grown spices. Although I make no promises that I won't eventually write every recipe for my next drool toy the Thermomix TM31. Anyone have the winning Lottery numbers for this week's draw?

Please keep your suggestions coming. I love the idea of putting in the recipe as the title, but there goes my little piggie who stayed home to write. I really enjoy the writing part.


I really enjoy the writing part.

I think I just made a little "Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail" face. You know the reaction shot: Tom Hanks writes something incredibly witty, and Meg Ryan makes that patented romantic comedy face.

I just made myself Meg Ryanesque... I should stop eating brittle and go to bed.

Or have referenced some Hugh Jackman film, that way I'd be, like, super tough.

This is what happens when my wife leaves town, a man is only as good as the direction given to him. I take back the KFC Grilled Chicken thing. I may never try it, but it's nice to see people branching out.

I'm gonna go see if William has moved from his "Woe is me" sleeping position and cut up some cantaloupe for his lunch tomorrow. Maybe I'll throw some in my lunch with prosciutto, arugula, a little olive oil, and lemon juice.


  1. Don't forget Ugly Dip -- cottage cheese and Herdez Salsa Casera. And if you want it really ugly, some mashed avocado.

  2. The only thing uglier than that dip, was Sara's face when I first made it for her!

    She ate it all up though.

  3. Or worse: remember that dip we used to make with melted Velveeta and Pace Picante sauce? It's so salty I can't believe we used to love it! No wonder you learned how to cook!

  4. Oh, except I forgot. I used to give you raw vegetalbes for the Velveeta dip -- broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots. So it wasn't THAT bad.

  5. Sweet. I enjoy this, MA.

  6. Love the post! Good job (and I read the whole thing!).

  7. Thank you! Hope you get that new blender!