Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stop and smell the flour!

Yes, it's a difficult thing to do every now and then, especially when you're allergic to it... but these weeks turn into months and before I know it, our youngest is looking like W in my profile picture--though I don't think G has ever actually been that small.


G is my excuse for exercise when I go the doctor's office and get the "Do you exercise" routine.  "I have a 45 pound solid as a rock three year old does that count?"
Judging by his reaction, I guess not--but it sure feels like it counts.
He's three...
So is this blog, ugh.

Don't worry, I know I know, I promise I have paid way more attention to him than this blog, so put down the phone.

It's not like I let my boys fight with waffle 'swords' and wear masks at the breakfast table... 
...while their mother is a way at a work conference. 
Put down the phone, she'll be back soon. But not too soon because I must clean--but after. After I put this all together in a nice little package.  This entry could be as long as the pile of clean laundry staring me down is high. I am thoroughly tempted to just make them prospect for underwear and shorts each morning and then just throw the unworn items in the dirty laundry basket. A technique that I have never used.


I have been known to take my boys grocery shopping at 7 am on a school day with their lunch boxes in hand, it's like a this is your lunch meets let's make a deal meets shop till you drop, and the best part is they think they're making their lunch all by their lonesome! I have taken to applying this to other aspects when I am single dadding it (How the EFF do you single parents out there do it?!?!?)

You can use any waffle mix, and this could totally work with pancakes, but waffles have that sturdiness to them and seem to not mold as quickly when you've forgotten to remove them from the back seat of your car. I use Pamela's all purpose gluten-free baking mix and shockingly follow the recipe to a T--unless you count adding in a little brown sugar and cinnamon not really following the directions at all...
I really do beat the egg whites and all. 
Once you have the batter ready and the waffle iron hot, ask your kids to throw in other breakfasty items, we have done well with chopped cooked bacon, maple syrup, and sprinkles. Put down the phone, I don't always use bacon, and then cook it until its golden brown.

I have started to teach W about ratios and that sometimes you cook by ratio instead of by recipe. He loves figuring out the other items based upon how much of the first item he has. The maple butter is plain and simple and uses a 1:1 ratio unlike our family which is A 1 amazing wife:3 boys who never act their age ratio. So the maple butter is equal parts salted butter and maple syrup. You'll soften the butter in the microwave for about 7-10 seconds per tablespoon (35 seconds max but if you're making that much at once you've got bigger issues) and then stir in a tablespoon of maple syrup for every tablespoon of butter that you used. If the butter is a bit too melted put it in the freezer and let it set up a bit. Sometimes W goes a little crazy and puts a shake or 8 of cinnamon into it, but I think the cinnamon is better in the batter.

It'll make you stop and smell...

All I smell is the friggin dryer sheet in this heap of clean clothes--gotta go. 

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